I used to think I was the least photogenic person ever. Then I realized...it's not me, it's the photo. Stiff smiles and overly posed shots don't let us show the personality of who we really are

The best pictures are a result from a fun experience where you feel 100% comfortable being you. So you won’t ever catch me telling you to "say cheese!"

Instead, I’ll empower you to be unapologetically yourself so your photos tell your unique story.

I'm the travel lovin Florida Photographer who refuses to believe that there's such a thing as "Un-photogenic"

I'm Grace.

Hi, friend!

they are a vessel for memories, emotions, and stories.

Photos are so much more than pretty...

And of course, you'll get stunning images documenting your life’s big milestones and celebrations!

Get ready for an unforgettable photography experience where you feel seen, heard, and completely comfortable being yourself (we might just end up as bffs!)

Say goodbye to your stress and hello to your #1 hype girl helping you feel your best inside and out! (Feeling nervous? I’ve got a few jokes that’ll surely cut the tension!)

“I don't enjoy being in front of the camera...at all. Grace made it feel so natural and effortless. 10/10 all around, from the shoot to the pics themselves!”

but it wasn't until I saw a photo of my grandparents together that I truly realized that photos can actually make you feel the love shared between the people printed on that piece of paper.

And that's why I love being a photographer. I feel so honored that I get to help people document special moments and turn them into treasured memories they can enjoy and pass on for years to come.

I've always heard  the love s tories...

Just sit back, relax, and have fun!

Central Florida photographer serving Ocala, St. Augustine, Orlando, and beyond!

Beautiful photos that showcase your most authentic self?

An unforgettable and stress-free experience?

A photographer that doubles as your personal hype woman?

If you want...

Say Less

I can say the alphabet backwards. My dad randomly taught me in second grade and it just kinda stuck!

Fun Fac t

My rescue dog, Knox! He's my favorite adventure buddy.


Don't get me wrong, I love our FL sunsets, but there's something about waking up early to start your day with the sun!


Scotland and Italy are the front runners so far...but my travel bucket list stays growing!

Travel Spo t

Okay hear me out...cows! Highland coos to be specific. They're just so dern cute!


I'm practically made of cheese! 


A few of my favorites

Enough about me, I would love to hear more about you! 

Did we  jus t become besties?